2pk Flight Spray Nasal Passage Hydration, Immune System Enhancer, Fight Flu Symptoms, Sinuses

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2pk (two spray bottles) Flight Spray Nasal Hydration Spray

Flight Spray was formulated for those concerned with nasal dryness and the potential to catch colds, flu and sore throats due to recycled airplane air and the close proximity to those who have transmittable symptoms. Flight Spray enhances the body's immune ability to fight against infection, moistens the nasal passages in dry airplane cabin environments and clears the sinuses during long flights. It is especially effective while traveling, in a crowd, or at close proximity to people with cold or flu symptoms.

  • All natural.
  • Botanical name: Allium sativum L.
  • Moisturizes and soothes.
  • For Airline travelers.
  • Moistens the nasal passages in dry airplane cabin environments.
  • Clears the sinuses during long air flights.
  • Supports the immune system.
  • Protects against cold and flu germs while breathing recycled airplane air.
  • Provides allergy relief.
  • Great for domestic & international air travel.
  • Perfect for air travel - Made from pure plant essences.
  • Safe and effective - Uses pure filtered water.
  • Made from 100% natural Hawaiian grown plants.


Active Ingredients: Turmeric Root, Spearmint and Distilled Water.


Spray 2 or 3 times into each nostril and repeat as needed, during and after each flight. With head upright, insert nozzle into nostril. Spray firmly, quickly and inhale deeply. Exhale through the mouth.