Genial Day Super Absorbent Regular Flow Pads 10 CT, Eco-Certified (4 packs)

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4 packs of Genial Day Super Absorbent Regular Flow Pads 10 pads per pack, Eco-Certified. Total of 40 pads. Save Money.

Dermatologically tested, eco-certified feminine hygiene protection. Featuring no skin irritation, odor & bacteria control, superior absorption. Materials: non-woven fabric, anion strip with tourmaline, cotton, air-laid paper, highest quality sap (super absorbent polymer), ventilated film, non-toxic adhesive.

Highest-quality super-absorbent layer. It absorbs several hundred times its own weight. Testing has shown that GENIAL DAY® pads absorb 5 times more than typical grocery store brands. In addition, materials used in our pads are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Free of toxic chemicals and reproductive system disruptors. GENIAL DAY® doesn't contain any harmful chemicals which may cause allergies, infections or disrupt your reproductive system and cause illness or discomfort. Our pads are tested every year at the independent lab and issued the OEKO-TEX® certificate.

Anion strip with Tourmaline. This unique technology of naturally found elements neutralize unpleasant odor and prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying in your pad. It also provides protection from illnesses that may be caused by exposure to bacteria in the pads or liners. Tourmaline is known for its qualities that promote health and well-being; it is used in a variety of industries, including medicine and cosmetics.